About Zee

My name is Zahra Thania and I believe in unconventional and ambiguous things such as Haruki Murakami’s novels and The School of Life’s videos. A lot of my childhood was spent in Oman but I’m currently in Indonesia, awaiting for my next voyage to another land I will call home. I like to identify myself as an INTP who longs to seek more people to write about due to my selfish writer’s personality traits. I like to study economics and am often deeply intrigued about computers. Though I’m already eighteen, I’m still as childish as I was ten years ago and it’s an oddity of myself I would like to keep. Lastly, a teacher of mine once told me that I shared a resemblance to Luna Lovegood!

“Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.”

Here are some incredibly unfriendly photos of me if you are curious of how I look like in real life (sorta):