About Zee

Hello there!

My name is Zahra Thania Atmoko, most commonly referred to as Zee, and I believe in the unconventional of life. A lot of my childhood was spent in Oman but I’m currently in Indonesia, awaiting for my next voyage to another land I will call home. I like to identify myself as an INTP, or as a poetic devil’s advocate, regardless of how indefinite the answers may be, and I have this tendency to endeavour in whatever piques my curiosity. Like many, I am merely another 18 year old emerging from a Haruki Murakami novel who happens to pursue her undergraduate degree in ITB’s (i.e. Bandung Institute of Technology) School of Business and Management –Class of 2020! Apart from that, I am my late grandmother’s most devoted admirer of her photographs of when she lived briefly in America, circa 1980’s.

“And do you cry over that which has passed? I swear to you, if there was any good in it, it would have stayed.”

For my hobby (other than reading and writing as suggested by the very presence of this blog), I find myself easily absorbed in pondering over life and conversing my thoughts to others. I am well aware of how deep and critical my mind could get, and so I seek solace by being involved in a debating club, the Student English Forum, here in my campus. For sports, I only choose to figure skate and I’m still a long way from being satisfied with enacting my talents. For music, I prefer the electronic, alternative, soul, or indie genres, and I make great playlists over on Soundcloud! For my belief, I dedicate my entirety of trust to Allah and the religion of peace who belongs to those who are intelligent enough to choose it. For romanticism, I am not one who would understand it. But for love and righteousness, I am one to embrace it.

Here are two, overused, photos of me in case you were wondering of how I look like in real life (sorta):