Holy Grail Hijab

Sorry for not showing up for awhile! I’ve been plenty busy. Anyway…

Today I want to briefly review this hijab that I’ve shamelessly worn for days on end because of how much I love it. I first discovered this hijab from watching countless of Gita Savitri’s YouTube videos in which she often remarks how Femme Outfit is her absolute favorite brand that sells hijab she genuinely wears. So, I decided I ought to have one from them for myself.


Instagram page featuring the Alexa shawl

Femme Outfit, along with many other Instagram hijab stores, are often in great demand —which makes their product always in limited stock. So when you decide to purchase something, it is advisory to do your research as soon as possible before the product launches and are booked by other eager customers.

Learning from experience, I quickly stalked the online shop’s account and settled to purchase the Alexa square Shawl in the color Dusty Taro, which is the one next to the black hijab. And the reason why I ended up with the color dusty taro is because the others I initially wanted was out of stock (proof to my “theory”), and it would be quiet a while if I had to wait for the restock: thus I just went ahead and chose one.

If you were wondering how much it costs, the Alexa square Shawl sells for Rp70,000 while the pashmina size sells for Rp60,000. It is the standard price of hijabs online, I believe. So it’s not too shabby.

Because I’m a generally lazy person who likes to get ready with little effort and time, I find the Alexa square Shawl to be the perfect hijab for me. Why? Because it doesn’t require you to iron it! I tried washing it once and even after it dried, ironing wasn’t necessary. However, it is in much better quality when it’s ironed! Tip: iron slowly while pressing down on to the hijab.

Oh by the way, the dusty taro color is basically a light-medium grey with a hint of lilac in it. But the taro color is such a sheer shade that this hijab is suitable for any clothes.

To me, this hijab is almost a revolutionary discovery. It takes less than two minutes to put on, doesn’t require you to iron it and is made from cotton, thus leaving it cool and comfortable around your head! If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like fussing around with your hijab too much, or if you’re looking for something newbie-friendly, this might be your match! Just like Gita said.


The Alexa square Shawl in Dusty Taro: original light

And guess what? I love this hijab so much I already have another ordered on the way! (A broken white colored one, for school) *cheeky smile* And you can get yours too! Visit: instagram.com/femmeoutfit and request for a follow if you haven’t already.

See you soon!

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