Sebuah Perkenalan

Hello there!

My name is Zahra Thania —or Zee on most occasions— and I started this blog on a midnight whim just three days after New Year’s. Why? I absolutely have no idea myself, considering I already have a blog of four years* that’s gained a probable amount of readers. But as an intuitive extrovert (according to the Myers Briggs test) it’s not unusual for me to stumble upon an idea and bring it to life at the spur of the moment.

If you are an experienced reader from my previous blog (which I highly suspect you are either a friend or a family member), I am truly sorry for restarting my blogging journey. There is a certain reason as to why I’m doing this and to mention it briefly it’s simply because I have grown out of my previous blog. If you perhaps noticed too, I did write very few blog posts last year for a reason I don’t really understand myself aside from being extremely lonely and uninspired.

I tried numerous attempts at creating useful contents but they always end up as unfinished drafts. Therefore, in feeding my will to deliver my writings more actively, I decided to make a new blog with an entirely new and novel platform.

And here it is! And here you are. I am happy that you are here, and I hope that you are too. Do subscribe to my blog so that you can keep up with my future contents. Also, thank you for visiting my little internet home! I wish I could offer you a matcha latte or something.

Love always, Zee

(the muggle writer in fluffy rose website)


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